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Do you know that most currency exchange offices are small businesses runned by families. By using a currency exchange office overseas rather than withdrawing at an ATM, you travel in a more responsible way. Your action will help to support them and therefore your money will contribute to the development of the local economy of the country that you are visiting.

You would also be suprised to know that in many cases a good currency exchange office may be cheaped than an ATM withdrawal.

This is why we created coChange, a free mobile application that allows:

  • to quickly locate the nearest currency exchange offices among thousands referenced worldwide,

  • to make the offers more transparent and find the better rates, allowing our users to review them,

  • we will also make you benefit from exclusive offers in some bureaus (special rates, flash sales, etc.).

Available everywhere, theĀ coChange app will help you to save your time, save on fees as well as contribute to the local economy.

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Help us to say “NO” to ATMs: download our free app and… spread the word!

Your feedbacks are also welcomed. Feel free to contact us through the app or on Twitter.

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