WE BELIEVE THAT using a currency exchange office is a responsible way of traveling

Bureau de change

CC BY-NC Daniel Hoherd

Exchanging currency or withdrawing from an ATM seems to be the obvious thing to do for the travelers. We don’t really know how it works, where the money goes, but we have cash and it’s all that matters. But it’s not that easy, coChange looked into the issue and the result is clear: you should definitely choose to use a currency exchange office!

At coChange, we believe that a responsible traveler contributes to the economic development of the country he is visiting. Currency exchange offices are family-run convenience stores. They boost the local business by injecting currency in the economy. To choose a currency exchange office also means encouraging human contact. We learn way more by talking with the local population than by withdrawing from a cold and disturbing machine which an automated teller machine can be. And the worst is that those machines need a lot of energy while they are used… only six minutes per hour!


WE BELIEVE  THAT currency exchange offices provide quality services

Too many tourists favour the use of credit cards. But between withdrawal, transfer and conversion fees, the banks multiply hidden fees. That way, they can take away from you 5% of the withdrawn amount, and you’ll only find out later. Currency exchange offices provide quality and transparent services. Exchange rates are posted on the money changer rateboards, and a simple multiplication allows to know the cost of the operation. By choosing the good currency exchange office, you can easily find a cheeper rate than with your bank!

Local currency exchange offices are located everywhere in the world (already more than 10 000). And it’s in… Chicago that there is the highest concentration of foreign exchange offices. While the banks withdraw from proximity services, currency exchange offices increasingly provide supplementary services: transfer, consumer credit, taxes payment…

WE BELIEVE THAT thanks to you we will coChange the world

At coChange, we believe in the power of community. YOU have a role to play! With coChange’s app, travelers can easily locate the currency exchange offices of the entire world. They also can give their opinion, indicate scams, share the best currency exchange offices… Forward, we want to restore travelers’ confidence so that they exchange more in foreign exchange offices. Thanks to these higher transaction volumes, the currency exchange offices will be able to provide even more attractive prices to the travelers!