Abroad, far from our comfort and our habits, we can feel unsafe or be afraid of being robbed or loosing something especially money!
To avoid this kind of situation to happen and to travel serenely, here is a non-exhaustive list of tips which can help avoiding being robbed or losing money while travelling:


1 – Don’t put all your money in one place

First thing to do to avoid being robbed when abroad is not to put all of your money in the same place. You imperatively need to separate it in at least two different places.

For example, you can keep a part of your cash in a discret pocket of your suitcase and the other part in a backpack (avoid the side pockets which are easier to rob for pickpockets).

Outside, you can also put a bit of cash in one of your trouser pockets and a bit less in the other one (in the front pockets only). This way, in case of robbery, just take the cash of the second pocket out and the rest of the money is kept. Plus, it’s better to bring several bank cards in order to avoid problems in case of robbery.

2 – Hide your money in a fake sunscreen tube

Every hotels and/or hostels abroad aren’t always trustworthy and can be crowded. In order to put your money out of sight, you can hide it in strange places like… a sunscreen tube! Empty, obviously, a sunscreen tube can easily contain a wad of cash.

The fake sunscreen tube tip also works with a pack of tissues, a bottle of shampoo or other objects that no one would ever suspect to be used for something else than their primary function…

But be careful not to fall in your own trap and don’t throw away the empty tube thinking it is useless now!


3 – Bring a money belt

The money belt is becoming a more and more known tip and is often use by the travelers because it’s very useful and convenient.

More discrete than bum bags because we don’t commonly think that a belt can contain something , this kind of belt existe in different model, several sizes and colors. Different brands offer this kind of accessories, in particular on Amazon.

4 – Take a bag with the zipper in the back

The Riut bag allows you to stow everything you need and to walk safely thanks to the zipper which is in the back and not outward.

This essential and clever accessory enables you to walk around in crowded streets in complete confidence and to stay safe from pickpockets!

This kind of bag is recommended and used a lot by frequent travelers.


5 – Wear a waterproof case around your neck

A waterproof case will enable you to easily hide money and also to go swimming with it, if never you’re afraid to leave your stuff on the beach while bathing!

6 – Hide banknotes in your shoes or socks

Another convenient and easy to do trick is to hide a bit of cash in your shoes (a few bank notes). Be careful, you have to make sure that nothing goes beyond and be discret when you put them out of their hideout and in it once you’ve paid.

In the same idea, you can hide it in your socks but it can give rise to an hygiene problem, so, you can put a second pair of socks and jam the bank notes between them two. It isn’t the most comfortable tip but it’s very practical in case of emergency because it doesn’t require any material to provide in advance.

This tip can obviously not be realized if you wear flip flops!


7 – Bring a small wallet, different from the one you use everyday

It isn’t wise to bring your everyday wallet abroad. It has a lot of cards, cash, identity papers and other important documents you really shouldn’t lose. This is why you should bring another wallet, with the bare essentials, especially for this stay. It has to be small, not bulky and easy to hide.

8 – Sew a secret pocket inside your pants

For the more provident of you (and good with their hands), it is very clever to sew a pocket inside of your pants. It can easily hide money or something important.

This tip can’t be used everyday (only when you wear those pants), but it’s very efficient and discret!


9 – Never show anyone that you have money

It is obviously necessary to never take a wad of cash out of its pocket, for all who pass by to see, whether it’s on a shop or in the street. As well as you should never check if you still have all of your cash in the middle of the street, but wait to be out of sight. In short, you should never show anyone that you have money on you.

10 – Hang locks on your bags and suitcases

Finally, you can use the good old methods, which means, hang locks on your luggages.

This trick will avoid robbery as much as possible. However, it’s a good tip as long as you remember the secret code!


If anyway you don’t want to bring a lot of cash on your travel, we’ve compared the 5 best bank cards to travel with, right here.

And if you have other advices or tips to hide money abroad, feel free to share them in comments!

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