Currency exchange office locator + Social comparison tool + Foreign money converter


During your travels, you probably saw that finding the best rate when exchanging your currencies is a real burden. No one really know what are the rates and the fees of the various money changers…

To sum up, you are going to loose your time and run from one place to another and you will moreover never be sure that you will do a good deal.


coChange is born from this simple fact. Why pay more, when an application and its users can give you the right advice?


Created by a team of independent entrepreneurs coming from complementaries horizons, gathered by a passion for the collaborative consumption, the coChange application has a simple aim: to offer a free collaborative comparison tool allowing to quickly find the more interesting exchange office, anywhere in the world.


Our head quarter is located at the following address :

Purple Task Force AG
Landstrasse 37
LI-9490 Vaduz

And to know where Vaduz is,… no need of a map. Just ask the poet.